15 August 2012

Review: Dark Time Sunshine - ANX

Is there such a thing as psychedelic hip hop? The answer is HELL YES and it comes in the form of Dark Time Sunshine’s latest release, ANX.

This album is a psychedelic tour de force. The duo, made up of MC Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala, have proven to be a perfect complement to each other. The combination of Onry’s thoughtful rhymes and otherworldly references with Zavala’s psychedelic funk hop make for quite the follow up to 2009’s Vessel.  
This album is a definitive step forward for Dark Time Sunshine. From the beginning track it is clear that they are interested in moving forward in their musical journey. From the double time on the opening track, Hosanna In The Highest, to the mood shift in the very next track, Can’t Wait, Dark Time melds psychedelic rock and hip hop together in a way that is both unexpected and very refreshing.   
Throughout the album, Zavala’s production moves from hypnotic to funky to downright manic. As far ranging as these sounds seem to be, Zavala is able to move back and forth between these styles seamlessly, and Onry is right there with him, dropping lyrics and references the way only he can.
This whole album is a beast so I don’t have any best/worst tracks. What I can do is tell you the tracks that I’m currently rocking:
Valiant feat. Child Actor – Man, talk about trance inducing! If you have ever done any ‘mind expanding activities’ then this song will take you back to some of your best memories. The synths, those drums, and Onry’s flow make for a perfect match through the whole song.
                I’ll Be Damned feat. Poeina Suddarth – This track is just straight funky. The melody from the intro sets you up for the impending head nod and you don’t even realize it until after the drums kick in. The chorus does this thing where the bass kicks match up with the synth sounds……….straight fire.
                Never Cry Wolf feat. Reva DeVito – I literally cannot stop listening to this song. I lucked up on the video a few days back and have been sharing it with EVERYONE.  Do yourself a favor, turn down the lights and peep this video. You’re welcome.
                ANX is a prime example of how diverse hip hop is. This album creates an uncompromising soundscape that draws you in and doesn’t let go until the finish. Between the vocals and the production, Dark Time Sunshine’s ANX is the perfect way to question everything you think you know about good music.

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