14 August 2012

Want to support BITM? Buy a t-shirt!

What we do here is for the love of hip hop, our streets and our culture. That being said, we all sometimes need help spreading the message. Enter BITM t-shirts.

Now listen, I decided to throw these out there because SO MANY people claimed they wanted one. Well, now you can have one. They were a big hit at #EpicFest2012 and you can have your own. They're only $12, so I don't want to hear any crying.

In the future (provided there IS a future for BITM retail), these will be cheaper the more people that order them. That's completely up to you, the people. Also, the more interest (and sales) that we get, the more designs, colors and styles we'll come out with.

Get on over to PayPal, send $12 to @TheNiftian@gmail.com, make sure to include your contact info and we'll go from there. This is my first time doing this particular sort of thing, so please bear with me. I'm keeping this as simple as possible so as to not mess with your money or our product, ok? It is for that reason that PayPal is the only option. Also, please be patient, as I have to advertise these and get orders up. You can help by telling your friends and family to order one (or three) as well! We're aiming for 30 shirts to sell right now. We need your help!

Oh, and as of right now, we should have all sizes available up to...we'll say XXL. And no, there won't be any freebies, LOL...but seriously.

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