13 August 2013

Review: Joell Ortiz - Control(response)

LET’S GOOOO!!!!! Joel Ortiz is the first responder to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Outta Control” and has literally slaughtered the beat.  This is what Hip-Hop/Rap has been missing….competition. Everyone is fond to the subliminal diss or the no name dropping. The genre has softened up just as much as the NFL and NCAA football rules have. Kendrick sought out to change that when he claimed the title, “King of New York” and dropped the names of his homies as well as not dropping anyone else’s name in the original version of the song. Mr. Lamar got his wish with Joell’s response. “I ain’t even gotta give this too much thought/ Joell Ortiz won every war that he ever fought/ This ain’t no different, I’m listening you the King of New York?/Lil homie you ain’t the King of New York, you the next thing on my fork!” That’s just the beginning of the song. Joell Ortiz demolished the track. There is nothing to be taken lightly about this rebuttal, though it is not a diss, it is a statement: “You’re not King, fall back young nigga.” Next up are the artists that Kendrick named specifically….

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