14 August 2013

Review: Lupe Fiasco, "SLR2 (Kendrick Response)"

Yet another heavyweight who wasn't mentioned on K.Dot's murder list emerges to join in on Hip-Hop's first Battle Royale. With S.L.R. 2, Lupe Fiasco takes his time building up to the shots he takes at Kendrick. He uses a cadence similar to 2 Chainz to smash every popular rapper in the game that is emulating the same flow before taking a few pot shots at Kendrick in a way that will probably go over most folk's heads. Lupe's music has always made you think, possibly more than any other rapper. Compared to Joell's response yesterday, which was more direct, it will take time for most to dissect Lupe's approach. That does not diminish the quality of the track though. Sadly, most whose ears are not truly trained to understand Lupe's depth might not enjoy this response as much as Ortiz's.

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