14 April 2014

Coachella: Nas (+ Jay Z & Puff)

Unfortunately the legendary Outkast had issues with their Coachella show. Technical issues made the experience less than optimal..and the crowd was unworthy. In an ongoing BITM email thread our own TwonJohnson ranted that the "young rich [expletives]" did not deserve to be blessed with the god emcees that performed at Coachella. And his sentiment is shared with the internet world with many people angry that the audience was just there for Hey Ya and had no knowledge of classic noncommercial Outkast tracks. This is a topic for another day..but unfortunately this is the business side of hip hop that make it the global enterprise it is now. But onto good news. 

Nas is dropping his Illmatic XX album tomorrow (April 15th)..the 20 year anniversary of his classic debut. He has been making the rounds on Real Talk with Bill Maher and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And this culminated with his Illmatic performance at Coachella. He runs through the entire 10 track album (really 9 songs)..with the addition of Made You Look and One Mic. But he didn't stop there..the God Son brought out Hova for Dead Presidents and Where I'm From..and Puff Daddy (Puff again..right?) for Hate Me Now. The audience was engaged throughout the performance and Nasty Nas did not suffer from faulty speakers or other mechanical problems. As my BITM brethren said..it was a good weekend for hip hop. 

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