14 April 2014


Causing a recent uproar from basically any and everyone who has laid eyes upon his “Only you can prevent a wildfire”  styled hat, is Pharrell, who released his sophomore studio album Girl in March. It doesn’t seem like it’s only his second album right? Being in the game so long with a qualified and potent resume like his overshadows a short list of solo projects. The forever youthful Mr. Williams shows he still has plenty of gas in the tank and can still make great music. Pharrell is nothing shy of greatness when it comes to music and his ability to create it. Aiding in his amazing sounds is his smooth vocals. If you have a tailored ear to anything involving Pharrell you can detect the sound that is related to his previous projects with The Neptunes and N.E.R.D but nothing identical. Being a fan of his sound, I enjoy hearing his stamped style while still being able to enjoy new developments and ways to manifest them differently. 

GIRL is a composition and ode to beautiful women, specifically the woman that Mr. Williams loves. “Marilyn Monroe” and “Brand New” exemplifies the love that he has for this girl (pun intended) and how she makes him feel. Both of these tracks are beautiful and great tracks to listen to. It’s music that will make you feel happy (outside of his inescapable single). Following up from In My Mind, Pharrell flaunts his knack for being one of the best when it comes to bringing a diverse sound on a track and making a complete hit out of it. Though there are tracks of pure bliss, don’t think Skateboard P won’t switch it up to a freak one like “Gush”. P brings out the adult side but keeps it subtle. 

The everlasting Pharrell created another masterpiece. GIRL is an amazing album to have in your catalogue no matter who you are. This is an album you can play from front to back and not even have to think about pressing the next button. The only case where you probably wouldn’t want to listen to it is if you just recently ended your relationship with someone you love, seeing how this is project is a ballad to someone special. While having a new album, there are tons of traces of Pharrell’s previous tracks and interactions with past works that he has incorporated into this new project. The only two features come from Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys, which are both brilliant fits for the both of them, especially Alicia Keys. A truly harmonic album, that can make anyone happy makes this piece so much better. I don’t think Skateboard P will ever lose his touch. 

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